Kate Hudson Fails to Launch in Stella McCartney at the Urban World Film Festival

Posted on September 25, 2017

Hmmm. We feel an opportunity was missed here.

To be fair, we make no claims of knowledge as to what the style protocols and expectations may be for the Urban World Film Festival. For all we know, she’s perfectly on point and appropriate. Certainly, there are no technical critiques to be made here. It’s a shimmery white-silver gown worn by a movie star on a red carpet. Everything here seems to be in order on the style front.

And can we just say how refreshing that is, considering we’re talking about a Stella McCartney jawn, which often winds up derailing before your eyes get down to the hem?

But that’s beside the point, which is this: Girl, you’ve got an opportunity to really have some fun with that hairstyle of yours. And from what we can tell, you’re just dressing like you always do. Kate Hudson in a plain white gown. Yay. But now would be the time to go for some really crazy colors; some insane jewelry (especially in the ear area) and some declarative, kickass facepaint. You’ve got yourself a look here, lady. It’s time to work with it instead of dressing like you still have a mane of long blonde locks to fall back on. When you strip away the hair, it frees you up to have a lot more fun with your face and head as a focal point. Set it off.



Style Credits:
Custom Stella McCartney Silver One-Shoulder Gown
Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry
Edie Parker Clutch
Giuseppe Zanotti Silver Sandals

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages.com, Getty Images]

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