Julianne Hough Does the Sidewalk Sashay in New York, Prompting Some Un-Asked-For Advice

Posted on September 07, 2017

We feel a little bad, because she puts much more effort into achieving stylish and chic looks than she used to, and yet we never quite feel like she’s pointing in the right direction, style-wise.

She has a tendency toward these shiny, vaguely retro, Betty Draper-style tea dresses. They’re not awful and we wouldn’t claim she looks bad in this one (although the hair’s another story entirely), but this just doesn’t feel like the best sort of look for her. Maybe because the styling is so odd. It’s a high-impact dress given the color, shine and swing of it. But the hair’s a mess, the shoes are generic, and the bag, while interesting, is fighting hard with everything. That’s a bag and a dress that need a little room to breathe. We’d have told her to pick a quieter bag, louder shoes, and do anything but that to her hair. Even so, we think her basic persona is too young and too L.A.for this to be her go-to look (she’s looking increasingly Aniston as she gets older, which is something she should lean into, we think). But since it’s Fashion Week and she’s in New York, we suppose it’s more on point than usual for her.

Also, it’s too tight in the bodice and the neckline’s weird, so there’s that.


[Photo Credit: Joey Andrew/startraksphoto.com]

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