The InStyle Mag Toronto Film Festival Party Red Carpet Rundown!

Posted on September 12, 2017

Darlings, we’re drowning in celebrities and fashion this week! And we LOVE it! Trust us; it’s a lot better, in our line of work, to have too much to write about than not enough – and those last couple of weeks of summer were heinous. Give us a bunch of attention-seekers and back-patters in $20,000 ensembles and we are GOOD TO GO.

But in the interests of playing catchup, it’s time to do some bundling again. TIFF peeps? Line up.


Alison Brie (in Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini) and Dave Franco

They are ridiculously cute. The outfits are pretty good too.



Brie Larson in Yigal Azrouël

She has some sort of shoe blindness thing going on; like she can’t actually recognize properly matched footwear. It’s the only way we can explain why her below-the-ankle choices always seem to make us wince. They’re too dark and the style of dress -which is cute on her, by the way – doesn’t call for the ruby slipper sparkle treatment.



Elisabeth Moss in Alexis

That neckline is almost hilariously bad. And she looks like she wants to rip those things off her shoulders.



Elle Fanning in Alexander McQueen

Girl, you seriously need to learn another song.



Emma Roberts in Thai Nguyen Atelier

While that is probably a tiny bit too short, it helps take the look away from being generic. Still, the proportions are off and there’s some unfortunate crotchtical illusion action happening.



Great Gerwig in Sophie Theallet

Oof. No, girl. Sorry, but you can’t wear that yellow. But don’t feel bad, because we’re pretty sure most white people can’t.



Jake Gyllenhaal

Boring, but doable.



Jamie Bell and Kate Mara (in Valentino)

Let’s all argue about couples who dress alike. Creepy? Cute? Creepycute?



Jennifer Beals

The jacket’s fun, but the pussy bow was not needed. There’s just too much going on there. And the shoes and bag clash with it.



Kaitlyn Dever in Elie Saab

The dress is whatever and those laceup things look deeply uncomfortable.



Kyle MacLachlan

We have too many good feelings regarding his turn on Twin Peaks to rag on him too much. This is fine, but perhaps a little generic and businesslike.



Maisie Williams

The top is cute, the shorts are not, and the shoes are a bridge too far.



Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent

Understated, but classically chic in an ’80s sort of way.


Miles McMillan and Zachary Quinto

Sex in the limo.



Octavia Spencer

Love this. The proportions here are flawless. That blouse and jacket land exactly where they should on her.


Sarah Silverman

Clearly feeling a little Wonder Woman at the moment, but we can’t say we blame her. It’s a strong look. The shoes are a bit much, though.



Selma Blair in Bottega Veneta

That belly cutout is entire unnecessary. Not because it makes her look bad or anything, but because the dress would look better without it.



[Photo Credit:, Getty Images]

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