There is No Shame in Halle Berry’s Game at the “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” Premiere

Posted on September 19, 2017

She went there. Oh yes Miss Halle did:


And if this comes off condescending, so be it, but as much as we rail against sheer skirts and bodysuits on the red carpet (and in fashion generally), we’re gonna have to take a seat on this one. She’s 51, for fuck’s sake. Give it up to the National Spokeswoman for the Black Don’t Crack Foundation, people. We hate this style of dress, but we can’t deny the power of this wearer to make it sing for her.


Style Credits:
Elie Saab Sheer Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection
Joelle Earrings and Ring
Christian Louboutin Shoes

[Photo Credit:, Getty Images, IMAXTree – Video Credit: 20th Century Fox via]

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