Friday Leftovers for the Week of September 24th, 2017

Posted on September 29, 2017

Darlings, your lovely and fabulous hosts have had themselves a slightly rough week on the home front, so we’re going to get down to the business of wrapping things up early. It hasn’t been the most exciting week for red carpetry, but because of the interruptions in our schedules this week, we find we have more leftovers than we expected.

Shall we? They’re so patiently waiting to hear what we all have to say.


Ansel Elgort in Prada

He is the Prince of Backpfeifengesicht, but we have to admit, we like the look.



Dianna Agron in Prada

A pretty dress paired with hideous – and badly matched – shoes.  We realize that it’s a heady experience to have free Prada waved in your face, but it’s okay to say no, girl.



Erin Richards, Robin Lord Taylor, Jessica Lucas and Ben McKenzie

Well, they’re nicely coordinated, at least. And the ladies didn’t get too dressed up in comparison to the men, which is also nice to see. Aside from that, we’ve got no other style notes. They’re all fine, but not exciting.



Freida Pinto

Cute. Love the jacket, love the kicks.



Heidi Klum in Naeem Khan

Of course.



Joanne Froggatt

That works.



Kristin Chenoweth


Put it this way: this only works with a piano as an accessory. That way, she settles on “chanteuse” and not “wallpaper.”



Lea Michele in Tanya Taylor



Livia Firth (in Vintage Capucci) and Colin Firth


Our favorite thing about Livia Firth: She does NOT do “wifey-poo.” Sure, it’s the premiere of her husband’s film and she’s there to support him, but that’s no reason to tamp down on your own exuberant style preferences, right? Fade to the background? Please.



Malin Akerman in Alice + Olivia

The footwear doesn’t work at all and the pants are questionable, but the blouse is really cute.



Monica Bellucci

A lovely gown in a questionable color.



Naomi Campbell in Atelier Versace

Naomi doesn’t need a goddamn runway. Put her in front of some traffic barriers and girlfriend is good to go. WERQ, mama.


Natalie Portman in Dior

A human yawn.



Oprah Winfrey

The top’s kind of goofy, but we think the whole thing could work with a different pair of shoes. Why she’s sporting those big clodhoppers eludes us. Once you commit to the fancy hoodie, you’re free to break out the fancy kicks, O.



Sarah Jessica Parker

Meh. We feel like we’ve seen this exact musty-dowdy boho frock from her a hundred times. The belt and shoes make no kind of sense here.



Sterling K. Brown

Too tight and too much gray.



Uzo Aduba in Shoshanna

Love. Perfect hair/dress pairing. We don’t think we’ve ever seen her in a floaty floral before. It works better than we could have predicted.



[Photo Credit: NANCY RIVERA/, Michael Simon/, IPA/, Media Punch/,, Getty Images]

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