Friday Leftovers for the Week of September 17th, 2017 – PART ONE

Posted on September 22, 2017

Kittens, we’ve got a SHIT-TON of red carpetry to slap a judgment on before tossing it onto the fire of this week. So to speak. Our point is, we need to get to it, right now, or we’ll never get out of here. Let’s DO THIS:


Alexander Skarsgard

Creepy professor.



Allison Janney

Pretty enough, but a little basic.



Ariel Winter in House of CB

GIRL. More of this, please. You can still love your body, show it off, and look put together. This isn’t our favorite style or look in the world, but it’s MILES ahead of her normal style choices.



Bellamy Young

Kudos for wearing a print on the RC, but this kind of proves why ladystars avoid them so much. It’s a bit busy.


Caleb McLaughlin

Y’know, we’re gonna let the proportions and fit slide a little, since guys this age change size and shape practically from moment to moment. Love the plaid and the ombre.



Candice Patton in Conceptoline

It’s a bright orange restraint system for patients.



Dan Stevens

The suit looks nice, but it’s kind of hard to see the details.



Dolly Parton




Helena Bonham Carter in Dolce&Gabbana

Why Miss Helena, you’ve gone all conventional on us. Granted, this is still pretty loopy. Fabulous, but loopy.



Finn Wolfhard

Mmm. We’re gonna say “no” on the semi-sheer cashmere sweater. That’s a bit much for someone that young. We get that they want these kids to come off sophisticated, but they’re still mostly kids.



Gina Torres

Love the color, but we’re not in love with the dreary shape of it.



Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Alice + Olivia




Hillary Duff

Either the sparkle top or the leather pants, but both at the same time is a bit tryhard.



Jennifer Beals

Could’ve worked, but the bib is a bit large, making her look like a mime.


Justin Theroux

Father Justin of St. Skinnypants parish is here to counsel you on your sins.



Justin Hartley

Dude, you look great, but it might be time to retire this suit. You’ve worn it – or a series of identical ones – way too many times now.



Kendrick Sampson

Not a thing wrong here.



Laverne Cox in Sharpe Suiting

Or here – except maybe the body jewelry.



Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell (in J. Mendel)

Sure. Okay.



Sarah Hyland in Vatanika

This is why that other dress stood out to us. Because her normal fare looks like this.


Shannon Purser

Mmmm. We’re gonna have to go with “no.” The dress is funereal, the bag doesn’t go with it, and the shoes are hideous.


[Photo Credit: Lionel Hahn/ABACA USA/,, Getty Images]

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