Friday Leftovers for the Week of August 27th, 2017

Posted on September 01, 2017

Kittens, before the weekend commences, we offer you one final round of judgment. All of the following failed to rate their own posts this week, which means they’re all coming into this judgment sesh at a disadvantage. Ya bored us, celebs. Now line up and listen to why. It’ll be good for you. Builds character.


Annette Bening

Oh, sweetie. You need more help than we can offer in such a limited venue. We’re all for quirk but this is tipping over into cray. There are some decent ideas here. We did say you should start going for something a bit more dramatically professorial in your style. But none of the pieces look good together. And the scarf just comes off comical.



Anson Mount

Tight, shiny and too much blue.



Jane Fonda in Alberta Ferretti

Pretty fabulous, but she’s become a bit Nancy Reagan-ish in her style, which is something we’d have never predicted.


Juliette Binoche

Oof. Honey. Literally nothing you’re wearing should be worn with anything else you’re wearing.



Kate Bosworth in Miu Miu

That neckline’s no friend to her and the shoes don’t go.



Ken Leung

Come on now. A modicum of effort for your Disney-financed series premiere, please.



Kim Dickens

On the other hand, we can’t fault Miss Kim for lack of effort, although we question whether this dance costume really works for a bloodstained floor.



Lake Bell in Sandro Paris

Really cute dress. The shoes are nice too, but we’re not sure we love the color match.



Nina Dobrev in Armani

This is a mess. The color’s ugly and the booties don’t go at all.



Rebecca Hall in Prada

Elegant, but the bust looks a little small on her. Still waiting for her hair products to arrive.



Sally Hawkins

Works for us, although the black modesty panel detracts a bit.



Sally Hawkins in Vivienne Westwood

Interesting colors, but we have to admit, they look a bit ugly together. And the footwear looks weirdly bridal.


Serinda Swan in Schiaparelli Couture

As a branding exercise, matching your hair, shoes and dress to each other isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We can’t say we love the dress, though.



Vanessa Hudgens

After that bizarre parade float she wore to the VMAs, this is a refreshingly simple look. Maybe a bit dull, but well-rendered. She looks great.



[Photo Credit:, Getty Images]

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