Emmy Awards 2017 Trend Watch: Ladies in Red

Posted on September 18, 2017

Darlings, in the interests of BLASTING YOU IN THE FACE WITH THE MAX AMOUNT OF EMMYS FASHION, we’re bundling the attendees up according to the style trends of the night. And while it’s never truly all that surprising to see red gowns on an awards show red carpet (they’re a perennial), between Nicole Kidman’s stunning Calvin Klein and the choices of the following ladies, we got a decent range of styles in this shade.


Edie Falco

Gorgeous. The fit is superb and the design is elegant with just enough detail to keep it photogenic.



Gillian Anderson

Mmm, no. We’re afraid not. The dress is pretty great, except for the shoulder/sleeve situation. If it’s not too small on her in that area, it sure is working hard to give the impression it is. She looks like she’s in a permanent shrug. Great color, though. We have no idea what’s going on with her hair and makeup team, but that doesn’t even look like her.



Gina Rodriguez in Naeem Khan

Somewhat standard with a neckline all the hell out of proportion to the rest of it. And it’s clearly too tight in the bust. It’s an okay look, but not a great one, by any means.



Heidi Klum in Dundas

And then there’s Heidi.

First, we’re gonna skip past the boobery (in our totally gay way) and focus on the jewelry, which could not be more wrong for this dress or this setting. We don’t know what’s more weird; that she loaded herself up with all this heavy-ass jewelry that doesn’t go with the gown, or that said jewelry is WOOD.

Look, we love wooden jewelry. In fact, everything but those ugly hoops looks like pretty great pieces. They just don’t belong with a gown on the Emmys RC.



Issa Rae in Vera Wang

Love this. The sleeve situation is, admittedly, a little tricky for our tastes, but the drape is beautiful and the head styling is flawless.



Sarah Hyland in Zac Posen

We give it credit for being a little different. You don’t usually see such overtly autumnal-themed gowns on a red carpet. But the giant belly window is a deal-breaker.


Yvonne Strahovski in Julien Macdonald

Enh. It’s just okay. The neckline’s ugly and the head styling doesn’t do much to pull the dress up from being generic.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages.com, Getty Images]

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