Cate Blanchett, As Always, Makes the Impossible Chic at the Giorgio Armani Fashion Show

Posted on September 25, 2017

Miss Blanchett is a professional driver on an enclosed track. Do not attempt this at home:


Because any mere mortal who attempted this would almost certainly come off looking like a total clown, we’re sorry to say.

Not that it’s anything less than a fabulous look, darlings. We’re fully supportive of this look. We want to marry this look. But when we turn off our love and turn on the coldly clinical, highly judgmental and much bitchier sides of ourselves, we are forced to admit that the proportions would work on very few people, the mismatched prints would overwhelm most people, and the sunglasses would look pretentious as hell on any face other than Cate Blanchett’s. It’s all very Cate-specific, is what we’re trying to say.

But if you took the suit and paired it with a cream blouse and a pair of cute kicks or a pair of semi-matchy pumps, it becomes much more wearable for a wider range of folks. The mismatched prints and proportional weirdness of the boots are what really take it to For Cate Only territory.



Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Red and Off-White Houndstooth Blazer Jacket and Matching Cropped Trousers
Giorgio Armani Checked Blouse [Not exact match in the gallery]
Giorgio Armani Sunglasses
Giorgio Armani Boots

[Photo Credit: Simona Chioccia/IPA/,,]

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