The Cast of “This Is Us” Try Their Best to Make us Cry at the Season 2 Premiere

Posted on September 29, 2017

Ohmigod, did you guys cry? Like, a lot? Did you, in fact, never stop crying after the season 2 premiere of This is Us, Making You Cry?

We’re just saying. To those seeming few of us who don’t watch this juggernaut, the press surrounding it can sometimes sound utterly ridiculous. Not that we’re criticizing the show, just that the marketing of it can be eyeroll-inducing to outsiders.

Anyway, let’s judge:


Alexandra Breckenridge

It’s a really great semi-formal look for a preggo lady. The exuberance of the sleeves is fun when combined with her own curves. The hem length looks a little awkward to our eyes and we really don’t get the silver-white pumps as a choice. But the dress is really great on her.



Chrissy Metz in Kiyonna

Great to see her pushing away from her style go-to’s, like those lace-up ballet flats she was so keen on or the floaty, sheer sleeves she kept opting for. Neither were terrible for her, but they didn’t represent her best options, as far as we’re concerned. This looks pretty great. The subtle bit of shimmer running down the dress is picked up in the clutch, which helps to dress up a fairly plain frock.



Justin Hartley

We’re glad he finally got away from those bright blue suits he was sporting relentlessly, but it turns out gray is not a great color for him. The tie was a good choice, though. Helps to keep him from looking greige and washed-out.


Logan Shroyer

It’s hard to tell with his hands in his pockets, but it sure looks like the cut of this suit is terrible. And those mall-walkers he’s got on his feet are puzzling. You’re young and cute, kid. This shouldn’t be so hard.



Mandy Moore in Rosie Assoulin

She almost had us – until she turned around. That strip of white in the back is simply unfathomable to us. Why is that even there? Not that we love the front of the dress. It’s okay, but the flowers are silly and the way the textiles are just stitched together in large panels is terribly unimaginative. If you’re going to blend fabrics and prints, hanging them like drapes off the body is a pretty dull way to do it.



Milo Ventimiglia




Susan Kelechi Watson in Dolce&Gabbana

Lady, that is WAY too much dress.



[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Media Punch/]

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