Angelina Jolie Floats Through The Streets of New York Like a Beige Ghost

Posted on September 14, 2017



Enh. It’s a look. We don’t love it and we could spend all day quibbling the hell out of it, but there’s a school of style that will always adore the idea of dressing head-to-toe like you’re made out of sand. It’s a breezy, occasionally beachy (less so here, with the coat), very west coast kind of chic. And it’s so very her that it’s pretty much become one of her style trademarks, the other being a string of dreary Elvira dresses that we tend to dislike much more than this sort of thing.

Our ambivalence about the non-color story aside, there’s a weird disconnect between that beautiful coat, the underlying athleisure-wear and a pair of nude pumps.

But damn if that girl wasn’t born to model shades.



[Photo Credit: InStar Images]

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