Amanda Seyfried is Half-Stunning in Alexander McQueen at the Venice Film Festival

Posted on September 01, 2017

Okay, so the title there sounds pretty backhanded, right? Believe it or not, it’s not meant to be.


The view from the waist up knocks our socks off. It turns out, not only is she the type of pale blonde who looks great in black, she’s also got some indefinable quality that allows her to really work whimsical embroidered embellishments. We marveled a little the other day at how she could wear a dress with lipsticks all over it and still come off breezily confident and coolly unruffled instead of try-hard. Here, she’s working a veritable smorgasbord of beaded whimsy and it tends to look really great on her. It somehow looks fresh, even though we’ve been looking at glittery bugs on beaded flowers for several years now. The head styling surely helps. Hair, face and earrings all look fabulous.

Below the waist? Not so much. Sure, the heels are KILLA and the skirt is pretty nice from below the hips to the hem. But that part in the middle is pretty bad. First, because it’s so distracting and overwhelming; second, because it really doesn’t have much to do with the bodice. It’s jarring and unflattering – and it looks like her skirt is sliding off to reveal her foundation garments (which was, we suppose, the entire point of the design). If you cut out the middle section and tacked the bottom two-thirds of the skirt to the waist, it’d be a gorgeous little party dress on her.

We’re hating the trend for white linings, but we suppose we should be happy there’s a trend for linings at all.


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Alexander McQueen Embroidered Dress
Chopard Jewelry

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