Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and Mel B Duke it Out at the “America’s Got Talent” Live Show

Posted on August 31, 2017

These three arbiters of talent will not cede one photon of the spotlight to each of the others, kittens. Oh, no. They’ve been putting on a high drag show of style-based attention-seeking the likes of which one rarely sees without paying a cover charge and a three-drink minimum. None of them are quite landing on chic, but it’s fairly obvious that it’s not the highest consideration on their list (if it’s even on it at all). In a way, we have to salute the boldness and naked focus-grabbing. It feels very old school Hollywood feud in the Joan and Bette mode. In other words, catnip to bitchy bloggers such as we.




Heidi Klum in Alice + Olivia

To be fair, this dress is pretty cute. We don’t think it’s quite the right style for her, but she’s clearly the one in this group who’s got the best understanding of fashion. That doesn’t mean she aced it here. The bow sandals and hoops strike us as very wrong for the dress.

Still, points for being the non-tacky one, Heidster. It’s still over the top, but far less so compared to … well. See for yourself:


Tyra Banks in Stello

Tyra Banks, Miss Subtle. To the extent that this tired old style can be pulled off at all, she’s pulling it off, we suppose. But it’s lingerie and a bathing suit; let’s be real here.



Mel B

Everything you see here is made of candy.



[Photo Credit: INSTARimages.com, Trae Patton/NBC]

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