Style File: Halle Berry Hits the Hot Sidewalks of NY in Style

Posted on August 04, 2017

Girlfriend’s been tearing up the poledance for her latest movie, Kidnap – which is good for two reasons. First, because the film’s getting not-great buzz and a ladystar needs to consider breaking out the stilettos when that happens; and second, because … well, she broke out the stilettos, and that’s always more fun for us.


Halle Berry on “Good Morning America” in NYC.

It all seems to get a little complicated in the bodice for no reason, and does weird things to her bust, but the general idea of this – which looks like something Zoe Kravitz might wear – is pretty good. The dress has issues, but the shades, pendants and gold sandals are all doing their job.

But it wasn’t all cute-n-sexy looks from Miss Halle. Oh, no. She just HAD to return to form:


Halle Berry at the Time Inc. Building in Acler.

There it is: the quintessential Halle Berry look. For some reason, over the years, she has settled on a style that can be described as “post-apocalyptic movie star.” Seriously, she just LOVES the combination of a dress that makes her look like she survived several attacks (and possibly a fire) paired with pretty good accessories. Or at least, accessories that deserve a better dress to hang out with.

Yes, she still looks hot. Why do you think she likes walking around in loose-fitting rags so much? Because she can, darlings.



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Second Look: Acler Silk Dress

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