Sonequa Martin-Green at the CBS Summer Soiree, plus Our Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery

Posted on August 03, 2017

Not to kick this post off by being total witches, but we didn’t think the CBS Soiree really rated much of a look-see on our parts. It was a pretty dull red carpet all around.

But Miss Sonequa managed a marginally interesting dress in a week when a lot of information has been coming out about her new show, which is the exact time a savvy ladystar should be breaking out the interesting dresses. Let’s discuss it all.

It’s not actually all that great, though. The straps are so awful that they tend to blind us to everything else. Aside from them, the dress is a bit generic. The super-safe choice of neutral platform pumps (for a dress that really called for some colorful accessories) is disappointing. Overall, it has a slightly more mature vibe than is necessary for her. She could loosen up a bit in her style. The hair is the best part of the look.

As for her new show…



We remain a bit wary, we’re sorry to say. We’ve been anticipating this one for a long time, but the more we see of it, the sillier the whole idea of it occurring a decade before the original series sounds, given what we’re looking at. There’s no way to visually connect the above to the Shatner era of the show. Stripped of the Star Trek trappings, it looks like a decent enough sci-fi show. We’re not all that particular about matters of continuity in a 50-year-old franchise, but there’s literally nothing about the above trailer that looks like or reminds us of or even vaguely evokes the original series to which it’s supposed to be a setup. Had you told us this was a sequel taking place after the Picard years, we’d be more interested in it.



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Ted Baker London Scarlin Passion Flower Body-Con Dress

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