“Inhumans” Star Serinda Swan Sports a Mesh Dress at the ABC TCA Tour – and It’s Not a Disaster

Posted on August 07, 2017

To our amusement, there was a much higher rate of attention-seeking red carpetry at the ABC TCA tour than at the NBC or CBS ones, which we found fairly work-a-day in execution. There’s simply no PR machine as well-oiled as anything Disney-related. You can always count on their casts to have been styled for pictures, if not exactly styled appropriately.

For instance, Miss Serinda’s got herself a (highly questionable, by the looks of the trailer) new series coming out, and she apparently feels that when you work for the House of the Mouse , you better come with your style game correct.

And if you can’t do “correct,” at least wear something that’ll get you photographed.

We’d say she hit the mark. It’s a tad much for an industry event like this, but like we said, she’s got a new show to launch and isn’t quite a household name (yet) herself. The shoulders are goofy and the words “mesh dress” are usual harbingers of disaster, but overall, it works fairly well for a gal pushing a Disney-sponsored Marvel superhumans show.





But that looks horrendous.


Style Credits:
Proenza Schouler White Long Sleeved Off-the-Shoulder Waisted Dress from the Spring 2016 Collection
Tamara Mellon Sandals

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, IMAXTree, modaoperandi.com]

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