Rosario Dawson is Feeling Sashy at the NY Premier of “The Defenders”

Posted on August 01, 2017

We have no major points to make about this look, except that it works pretty well for her and it’s extremely on trend. Black jumpsuits are pretty much THE celeb style trend for summer 2017.

So, well done, Miss Lady. It’s all good, if not eye-popping, jaw-dropping great. Serviceably good promo fashion. We couldn’t understand why we were so focused on the sash, other than it’s obviously quite focus-pulling and definitely represents a choice we would have waved her away from, had she the good sense to ask our advice ahead of time. Something kept nagging us about the cheap-looking swatch of craft fabric; something that compelled us to take a look in our files and sure enough:

Girl. You clearly love that thing, which looks like you bought it out of the back of a van in the parking lot of a concert venue. Go on and love it, but there’s no need to be wearing it with every look. Although we’ll grant that it looks a lot better with this one.



[Photo Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/INSTARimages, Getty Images]

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