Robert Pattinson Walks the Streets of New York in Dior Homme

Posted on August 09, 2017

That little bitch.

Sorry. We might as well be transparent here. We want a life of days wandering the cosmopolitan landscape in fine French fashion. Is that so wrong of us? Are we so awful for being envious? Are these questions posed in an honest attempt to secure answers from an opinionated readership? Only one of them; the last one. And the answer is “no.”

Anyway, to console ourselves over this lack of meaning in our existence, we invite you to join us in lashing out petulantly.




Except we can’t do it. Dammit. That bitch looks good. If there’s anything to quibble with, it’s the uniform-like quality of his casual wear. We’ve seen him wear that first outfit about a thousand times before, and somewhat appropriately, it has the look of high-end event security. He just needs an ear piece and a taser to complete the picture.

The second look is pretty nice, although we’re not sure the buttoned-up collar/untucked shirt/buttoned sports coat look is a thing that works.



[Photo Credit: Freddy Baez/]

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