Reese Witherspoon Brings Hollywood Glam to The Hamptons for “Home Again”

Posted on August 21, 2017

Reese Witherspoon at the “Home Again” screening in East Hampton, New York

It looks like Miss HEY GIRLFRIEND opted to not fool around for this one, pulling out all her Hollywood style stops for the night:

Which gets no small amount of respect from these two queens, who are often of the opinion that red carpets should be sprinkled with glam more often than not. But we have to admit, we’re a bit surprised Miss Country Club didn’t take her clear style preferences and just nudge them slightly to be more East Hamptons-appropriate.

Not that this is inappropriate. And God knows no one elected us the style arbiters of the East Hamptons. But we’ve note in the past how beachy and relaxed most celebs get whenever they’re making an appearance of some sort there. This feels more New York City than East Hampton to our eyes. And her own casual street style could be easily modified for a Hamptons screening.

Still, we kinda like the dress for her, even though she does better with strictly body-con frocks. She’s been exploring more accentuated shoulders in her style choices lately and it seems to work fairly well for her. Granted, this dress is a bit too ruffled, with a bit too much volume for her. She’d have been much better off with a simpler bodice and slimmer skirt. And the shoes, while fab in their own right, are a bit too much to pair with such a fussy dress. It’s got a lot to quibble with, we admit. But we do tend to like this direction for her, if only because it feels a bit new. We’re heading into Emmys poledancing season, so we expect we might see a bit more of Glam Reese in the weeks to come.




We’re … gonna need a ruling on that trailer, because we’re pretty sure we are situated well outside the demo it’s being pitched to. Ladies? Is it us, or did that look like a script put together via one long Mad Libs session?

Style Credits:
Isabel Marant ‘Clary’ One-Shoulder Metallic-Pattern Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection
Christian Louboutin ‘Colankle’ Ruffle Red Sole Sandal in Black


[Photo Credit:, IMAXTree, – Video Credit: Open Road Films via]

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