Reese Witherspoon Gets the Job Done in Roland Mouret at the “Home Again” L.A. Premiere

Posted on August 30, 2017

Not much to argue with here:

But you know us, darlings; we’ll find some bone to chew over. In this case, it’s the oddly fussy neckline and straps. We don’t dislike it, but the dress is so minimalist in other ways that it tends to draw the eye. There are a lot of places for the eye to go, but if your outfit sends them straight to your shoulders, it can come off a little unbalanced. As we see it, if you removed the trim along the bustline and kept everything else, it wouldn’t look so busy.

We’ve noted recently that Reese does incredibly well with body-con dresses; so much so that we made the uncharacteristic (for us) point that she should stick with them religiously. That’s still true, but the bust on this one doesn’t seem to be doing right by her. Them girls are squished.

Still, it’s a great look for her. Love the shoes. The makeup looks a bit harsh to us, but when we checked all the other pics from this event, everyone’s makeup looked harsh, due to some combination of lighting and setting. Tomato-red backdrops aren’t great for some white people, it would seem.


Style Credits:
Roland Mouret Dress
Christian Louboutin ‘Colankle’ Sandals

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