Pop Style Opinionfest: Of Runways, Dragons, Tycoons and Claws

Posted on August 11, 2017

Darlings, you couldn’t possibly have thought, after last week’s well-received all Game of Thrones-themed podcast, which was then followed by one of THE MOST AWESOME EPISODES OF GAME OF THRONES – EVER – that we were done talking about the world of Westeros, did you? There’s as much chance of that as (spoiler) Jaime being dead. In other words, not bloody likely. We were just way too pumped after all the fan service and explosiveness to keep our mouths shut. And we have far too many questions to pose. Who survived that battle? Did anyone of any consequence die? What ridiculous conceit will they use to explain Jaime’s still-beating heart? Where do Tyrion’s loyalties lie? What will Sansa do now that she realizes she’s the least-changed of her siblings? And most important of all, Just what DID happen in that cave between Jon and Daenerys that we didn’t get to see?

Theories, critiques and lots of gushing follows.

After we exhaust ourselves on that topic, we take a good long look at the contestants of Project Runway, season 16; all of whom were introduced to us in last night’s Road to the Runway special.

Visual aids, because it’s impossible to remember their names at this point:


Aaron Myers



Amy Bond



Ayana Ife






Brandon Kee






Claire and Shawn Buitendorp



Deyonté Weather



Kentaro Kameyama



Kenya Freeman



Kudzanai Karidza



Margarita Alvarez


Michael Brambila



Samantha Rey



Sentell McDonald


After we get done running down these attention-seekers, we each got to give capsule reviews of a couple series we’re following. Tom has things to say about Amazon’s The Last Tycoon (things like: “Don’t watch this” and “Matt Bomer can’t act”) while Lorenzo has things to say about TNT’s Claws (things like: “Ohmigod!” and “LUV HER”).

So it’s an all TV Opinionfest for you this week, darlings. Dig in.



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[Photo Credit: HBO – Stills: Tom and Lorenzo, Lifetime – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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