Pop Style Opinionfest: Deep Diving on “Game of Thrones”

Posted on August 02, 2017

Darlings, because we’re always believers of giving it to you straight (you’ll pardon the pun), the whole point to this podcast is there in the title: T & Lo dive deep on one of their all-time favorite shows; the one show about which they’re still passionate and yet haven’t written more than a couple hundred words over the years: Game of Thrones.

There’s a brief explanation as to why we haven’t tackled this show in our writing, and we think it still stands as a good reason to leave it to others. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to say, kittens.  Not by a long shot. From the over-riding themes of the show and how they’re coming to their natural conclusions, to the surprising costume design motifs of this season; from a discussion on the “dark lady” motif in the story and how it may force a possibly disturbing conclusion to it, to a salute of sorts to the missing side characters of this season and why it probably makes sense to keep things tight right now – we cover the gamut. Is Cersei a villain? Is Jon truly a hero? Has the true hero of the story just been revealed to us in a somewhat surprising way? Is Daenerys turning out to be a lot of bluster and hot air? Is Arya going down a dark road from which she may never return? What is the fate of The Hound? Will Sansa and Cersei ever see each other again? Is Tyrion due for a fall?

It’s ALL in there, Westeros-fans. Come. Dive deep with us. Tell us everything you’re thinking about this fabulous show.

Pics to get you in the mood:




And thank you once again for all your support, darlings!


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[Photo Credit: HBO – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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