Naomie Harris is the Picture of Minimalist Chic in London

Posted on August 02, 2017

Naomie Harris attends the opening night of “Gangsta Granny” on the West End in London.


Not even gonna pretend that THIS:

… is anything but a baptismal schmatta (ironic conceptual blending!) and a pair of beach sandals. For real: if she walked into a river to be dunked wearing this look, she’d be perfectly on point. And if she was still sporting the pin-straight Gwyneth hair she’d been favoring for some time, this look would not amount to much, but the combo of that glorious head of hair and the simplicity of the white dress against her skin makes for a perfectly chic little summer night ensemble. We’re not sure we’d have rec’d black accessories here – and we have to reiterate that this frock is no great shakes on its own – but as we always say, good style is about the right ensemble on the right person at the right time. Girlfriend nailed all three without breaking a sweat.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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