VMAs 2017: Paris Jackson in the Best Possible Ensemble for Her

Posted on August 29, 2017

Huzzah, Paris Jackson! HUZZAH, we say! We salute your nuanced, thoughtful, message-sending approach to style!

Do you doubt us, gentle reader? Consider the following ensemble, which perfectly encapsulates the idea that one’s promotional style should be of a piece with one’s public persona.


Because, much like Paris Jackson herself, we don’t understand the point to this ensemble and don’t know why anyone bothered taking pictures of it.

In other fashion news, the lady stars of the world have a real dilemma ahead of them. The fashion industry has spent years pushing sheer dresses on lady stars, in an apparent attempt to see just how much they could get away with and just how easily ladystars can be talked into unveiling their nethers for all to see. To the fashion world’s apparent dismay, there was no level of sheerness a publicity-hungry celeb-gal would turn down. We see the above ensemble as a throwing down of the gauntlet by the fashion world, as if to say, “You want sheer dresses ad infinitum, ladies? Fine. We’re gonna start making HIDEOUSLY UGLY jockstrap inspired underwear for you to sport in public.”

Ball’s in your court, gals. Time to say no to all of it.


Style Credits:
Christian Dior Embroidered Sheer Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection
Stephen Webster Magnipheasant Pavé Open Feather Ring in Rose Gold
H. Stern Ancient America Earrings in 18K Noble Gold with Black and Cognac Diamonds
Jimmy Choo Shoes

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, vogue.com]

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