VMAs 2017: Miley Cyrus, Version – What is it now? 3.0?

Posted on August 29, 2017

Most of the time, we’re pretty on board with a celebrity launching a concerted image-change campaign. Its a fun thing to watch and we tend to appreciate it when it’s done really well.

This is not that.

From a strict style and stagewear perspective, there’s nothing to argue with here. It’s a fun look, even if the bobby-soxer-to-rockabilly-chick story is nothing new. It’s really just a variation on Olivia Newton John’s final scene in Grease and lady pop stars have been co-opting that good-girl-gone-bad story using the ’50s pop aesthetic ever since. So no, this is not new or fresh, but it’s cute and easy to digest.

But here’s our thing: She’s cycled through so many personae in such a short period of time – and they have veered wildly from country girl to Disney Princess to bad-girl-on-the-verge to blunt-smoking party girl. A good image change gets the point across that the public is seeing a new, heretofore-unrevealed side of you. A bad image change campaign inadvertently clues everyone in that you’re at best, cynical, and at worst, completely ignorant of who you really are. In other words, a bad image change campaign smacks of insincerity.

So: cute look, Miley. But you might as well come out in a Wonder Woman costume at this point, since you’re clearly just cosplaying to sell your product.



Style Credits:
Custom August Getty Atelier Costume

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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