VMAs 2017: Katy Perry Gets Entirely Upstaged By Nicki Minaj

Posted on August 28, 2017

Miss Katy, far be it for us to give you unsolicited career and/or style advice. You just know we’d never do that to you, dear.

Even so…




Girl, you just got upstaged all to hell. Skipping past the fact that this number was a total snooze until Nicki showed up, we just can’t get over how ugly your crew’s costumes are.


Those basketball net serial-killer mask things? WHUT.

The wholly unflattering gold-trimmed bicycle shorts? WHUT.

The stadium gift-shop earrings? WHUT.

The idea to wrap a basketball around your midsection and think it could somehow come across flattering? Girl, WHUT.

Most puzzling of all …


Is how you didn’t see this coming. It may not be chic, but it’s fabulous stagewear. Cosplaying as a basketball with fringe on it? GIRL WHUT.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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