Millie Bobby Brown and Hailee Steinfeld Hang at Republic Records’ VMAs After-Party

Posted on August 29, 2017

Aw, our cold, bitchy hearts love a little Big Sis/Little Sis interaction among celebu-gals.


Except Big Sis is dressed like a party stripper and Little Sis is dressed like Nana.



Millie Bobby Brown in Christopher Kane

It’s time to say it: Whatever team she’s got styling her needs to be fired. She’s THIRTEEN years old. While everyone involved gets kudos for not sexing a girl that age up, it doesn’t say much if the only non-sexy look they could devise for her is way more appropriate for her great-grandmother.

We get that she’s a little budding fashionista and wants to devise a quirkily specific look for herself. We get that she may not want to go the girly-girl route of, say, Kiernan Shipka, who’d aced red carpetry before her 15th birthday.

But come ON. There’ve GOT to be better, fresher, more fun and less dreary looks than this for a young girl with access to fashion.


Hailee Steinfeld in David Koma

To be fair, this isn’t all that “stripper” in tone, except for the thigh-highs and the bizarre use of pink marabou. Other than those two aspects this is fine. Then again, you take those two things away and she’s standing there in a slip.

Honey, it’s a silly dress. There’s no good way to style it. Go home.




[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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