Rebel Wilson Gets Her “Pretty Woman” Drag on, Shooting “Isn’t It Romantic” with Liam Hemsworth

Posted on August 04, 2017

Since her costumes on this shoot have been fairly cute, we’ve been following along and documenting them. Since the film is apparently a satirical take on rom-coms, we’ve been noting and wondering if all her costumes were meant to be funny or were genuinely cute. Curiously, we’ve been having the exact same conversation about Amy Schumer’s comedy, but for different reasons, since her character is suffering from a brain injury.

Geez, when you lay it all out like that there’s a disturbing undertone of “Are these movies celebrating these actresses or making fun of them?” We guess we’ll have to wait and see on Amy’s, but we’re pretty sure Rebel (who, unlike Amy, hasn’t made a career out of the “joke” that she’s self-confident) isn’t being presented as a joke.

Last time, when they put her in a recreation of Julia Roberts’ famous “BIG mistake. HUGEBeverly Hills shopping trip ensemble from Pretty Woman, we wondered if they were going to put her in the more iconic look from that film and what may be the second-most iconic rom-com look of all time (the first being this one, of course), the famous red gown.

Welp. We called it:

She looks fantastic in it, although we’d argue for a deeper red for her coloring. Interesting that they didn’t put her in the equally as iconic white opera gloves, although they almost certainly wouldn’t have worked well for her.

And we say this in the spirit of thinking that Miss Rebel herself would agree…

Lucky bitch.



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