Laura Dern, Our New Queen, in Proenza Schouler on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Posted on August 08, 2017

We have recently decided to name Laura Dern our new queen. Fellow gays are encouraged to follow suit.

Of course, we’ve always loved Miss Laura, going back many years, but there’s nothing quite so satisfying (from a vicarious, pop-culture-watching perspective) as watching one of your long-time faves experience the rush of a major career high. After years of interesting, funny, and inspiring work, Miss Lady’s been busting through with a string of critically acclaimed and/or highly buzzed performances and we get to have the silent, smug satisfaction of the fan who asks “What took you all so long?”

Anyway, we love her, and we feel the need for some new blood in the royal line. For the moment, she’s our Queen. But we, like fate, can be capricious bitches, so that will most likely change over time. For now, long live the Queen.

Now let’s judge her.

The dress is really cute. Color looks great, print provides a little oomph, but it all stays easy to wear and seems to do nothing to hinder her confidence or comfort. She looks great.

And while we hate to use our Queen’s time to discuss this issue, we’ve hit the wall on those goddamn sandals. Enough, stylists. Let’s see a little variety, yes? We’re actually surprised more lady stars don’t push back against them, since they require perfectly maintained feet at all times.




Style Credits:
Proenza Schouler Poppy-Print Viscose Wrap-Front Midi Dress from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

[Stills: Tom and Lorenzo, CBS – Photo Credit: Courtsey of Proenza Schouler, Video Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via]

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