Katie Holmes Gets Sucked into a Bad Dress at “The Tick” Premiere

Posted on August 17, 2017

Miss Katie is a red carpet pro of long standing, with many years of posing and presenting under her belt. While she’s never been the most dynamic and exciting of red carpet models, she always projected an aura of cool, unruffled, professionalism. With a smirk.

We saw her get seated at a few New York Fashion Week shows and she really does project a sense of being untouchable and unimpeachable, far above the normal celebrity aura. Which is why it’s a surprise to see her making such a rookie posing mistake as not knowing what to do with herhands.

But we feel she really can’t be blamed for this. Those fucked-up trailing hip ruffle things clearly have a gravitational pull to them. They’re sucking all the air out of the room.

What a dreary dress. Neckline, sleeves, bust, hips, hem – there’s not one element that’s pretty, well-designed or flattering.



Style Credits:
Maison Mayle Ruffle Floral Silk Jacquard Dress

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Barneys.com]

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