Katherine McNamara Stops For A Refreshment While Wearing Twenty Pounds of Lewk

Posted on August 15, 2017

“Shadowhunters” star Katherine McNamara sips and sashays in New York City.


Since this gal’s look-at-me game has stepped up considerably in the last year or so, we feel a bit remiss in having not given her the level of loving attention she requires. Miss Katherine, please allow us to make up for lost opportunities to render judgment. We’ll make it up to you. Starting now.

Well. It’s a look alright. A look that says, “Photographers, I’m over here. Famous person. You can tell by the way I’m dressed because no unfamous person in their right mind would wander Manhattan in August in a flannel nightgown and thigh-high leather boots.”

Mission Accomplished, Miss Girl. You look a little ridiculous, but at least everyone can see you.

[Photo Credit: Frank Lewis/startraksphoto.com] 

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