Jon Hamm and Geena Davis at the Surprise “Marjorie Prime” New York Premiere

Posted on August 21, 2017

These shots make it look like their publicists called them a half hour before and frantically informed them they had to be at a screening that just got organized in the previous 15 minutes. Alternately, they look like they’re at a surprise screening; like they didn’t realize what they were going to and all the photographers leapt out at the last second and yelled “SURPRISE” at them.

We’re just saying. Everything looks a bit …

… slapdash, shall we say.

Granted, the Hamm always looks like this. In fact, we suspect we’ve seen him in this exact suit a dozen times already. The Hamm should stick with coiffed, trimmed and lightly sculpted hair for public appearances. Sorry to Draper your ass, Mister, but you know it’s the best look for you.

Geena’s dress is nice enough, but whoever let the hem out needed to steam that thing a bit better. The red pumps are a fine choice, although they probably wouldn’t have been among our top recs, if asked. But the real story here: sheer tights. Experience tells us those will be the main topic vis-à-vis her style choices.  We’ve opted out of this discussion entirely. This is 100 percent ladies’ preference. We may have ideas about when and how to deploy them, but the question of bare vs. sheer seems to come down partially to generation and partially to location. So let’s hear it, gals. Ever? Never?




Thoughts on the trailer, kittens? We were skeptical, but the longer it went on, the more intrigued we became. And you just can’t argue with that cast. Also, without being too bitchy about it, Jon Hamm is at his best as a dramatic actor when he plays someone who barely emotes.

[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/ – Video Credit: FilmRise Releasing via]

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