Jessica Alba’s Particular Type of “Honest” Promotional Style

Posted on August 31, 2017

Jessica Alba attends a press conference to promote her company Honest in Playa Vista, California.


We don’t spend much time covering Miss Jessica’s style choices, but that’s largely because her promotional style is entirely wrapped up in selling her line of products to mothers. In other words, she’s not only pitching to a demographic well outside our own experiences, but she’s working a promotional style well outside our purview. Give us a movie premiere, album drop or awards ceremony red carpet, and we have opinions. Stepping out in front of the cameras to hawk organic diapers or whatever? We’ll cede the floor to the experts.


But not before we have our say, of course. We like the duster, but never would’ve rec’d a black dress and coral sandals to go with it. In fact, we think that duster would’ve looked much better with jeans, but we suppose that doesn’t fit her fab-mommy image.


[Photo Credit: MUNAWAR HOSAIN /]

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