Jenny Slate Tries Again at Amazon’s “Comrade Detective” Premiere

Posted on August 04, 2017

Whenever we feature a celeb wearing something hiddy, our kind hearts compel us to immediately look for improvement on the style front so we can rush out in front of her with praise and apologies for doubting her skills. We just can’t help being so tender and sweet, darlings. It’s just the way we are. As God made us.

Anyway, we were very excited to stumble across the following pics, because we just got done shrieking silently to ourselves over the ugly thing she wore yesterday. We saw a pretty cute top and sleep pants and figured the details were good enough.

But oh, how we were wrong, kittens. This is no “pretty cute top.” Not by a long shot:


Girl, wtf. We want to support your quirky style, but that’s an unfinished blouse and a pair or bridesmaid shoes from 1990.

We can’t imagine spending more than an hour walking around with sleeves like that before ripping them off in an irritated rage.


[Photo Credit: Dave Longendyke/, Getty Images]

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