Jennifer Jason Leigh Steps Out in NY in a Surprisingly Interesting Look

Posted on August 11, 2017

We had to check to see if we even have a Jennifer Jason Leigh tag here on T Lo, so rare is the opportunity for us to discuss her. Turns out, we do (Forgot about her award-nominated turn in Hateful Eight) but that we’ve never encountered her out in the wild, so to speak.

Miss Jennifer, why don’t you come on out here so these nice folks can get a look at you.

We always feel a little tender toward stars who came of age before the era of the sidewalk sashay or the ubiquity of coverage. This is clearly a curated look for show, but she seems so uncomfortable that we haven’t the heart to critique it.

Too much.

Having said that, it’s a surprising level of “look,” if that makes sense. We wouldn’t have pegged for the type to employ color, pattern and flair in her streetwear, but girlfriend’s working it. Minor crits: lose the scarf, which looks uncharacteristically fussy and doesn’t make sense in NY in August anyway. Also, while we certainly don’t think one’s shoes and bags absolutely have to match, shiny, clashing greens in both is not a great idea. Great shades, though. And the jacket’s a lot of fun.


[Photo Credit: Curtis Means/ACE PICTURES/]

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