Jenna Coleman Sticks With What Works, in Erdem at the “Victoria” Season 2 Premiere

Posted on August 24, 2017

And now, Jaded Fashion Blogger Theatre.

Lo: We have pics of Jenna Coleman at the Victoria premiere.

T (doing his best Miranda Priestley): Is she standing there in Erdem and a pair of platforms?


Maybe that’s not fair, because she can’t be faulted for sticking with what works for her, but if you showed us the above without any context, we could have guessed they were taken at any time over the last two years or so. Girlfriend’s got a look. Can’t say it doesn’t work for her, though. It’s a really great dress. Maybe that much print is a lot to handle, but she never seems to have a problem with it. The only quibble we have is with the too-long sleeves, which are on trend, but we think it’s kind of a dumb trend.




Style Credits:
Erdem ‘Zuzanna’ dress from the Fall 2017 collection

[Photo Credit: Ian West/PA Images/, IMAXTree – Video Credit: Masterpiece PBS via]

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