Jamie Bell for ES Magazine

Posted on August 14, 2017

Jamie Bell is featured in the latest issue of ES Magazine photographed by Jesse Laitinen and styled by Rose Forde.



On what life would have been like without Billy Elliot: “It’s a terrifying prospect because I don’t know how to do anything else. I would still be in that town maybe.”

On fatherhood and raising a family: “I never watch any of the movies I’ve done. I never take any of it that seriously, but without question the thing I’m proudest of achieving is my son. I’m obsessed. Every moment I spend with him I fall a little bit more for him. It’s almost kind of painful, [he says, laughing embarrassedly.] That thing when you are falling into something so unconditionally.”

On how the experience of becoming a parent has made him more understanding of his father, who left before he was born: “It’s difficult raising a child, [says Bell.] It’s really stressful. It requires a lot of you. You have to sacrifice your life and some people don’t want to do that. It’s not particularly noble, but I could see why the easier thing is to leave.”

On if he would ever walk out: “F***, no. [He admits to sometimes wondering how his own absent father figure might inform his parenting.] You can’t be thinking, ‘I’m doing this because no one ever gave me this experience.’ The thing is not to love from a place of anger because that is potentially devastating.”

On his wife Kate Mara: “There was an instant connection, like we’d known one another forever. It was obvious very quickly that we were going to get married.”




Style Credits:
Cover: Shirt by Joseph | Sweater by AMI | Trousers by Neil Barrett
Image: Shirt by Wooyoungmi

[Photo Credit: Jesse Laitinen/ES Magazine]

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