Harper’s Bazaar September Issue Dinner Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on August 23, 2017

Darlings, Harper’s Bazaar had a thing! And famous people showed up!

This concludes the introductory portion of this post. Sorry, but it’s a magazine issue party. Great for fashion parades, but not exactly the type of event that inspires grandiosity in phrasing and description. Everyone came out dressed to impress their favorite fashion editor and it’s our job to judge the results. So let’s all roll up our sleeves, put on our judgin’ pants, and get to it.


Brooks Laich and Julianne Hough (in Jenny Packham)

Well, shit. This is no fun for us. They look pretty good. We’re not at all feeling his suede loafers, but we can’t really argue with the rest of the look, basic though it is. Aside from the shoe commentary, we can pretty much say “ditto” to her. It’s not boldly chic or fashion-forward or anything. But she looks pretty great in it – and for once, the effort levels in a straight couple’s style efforts feel a little more aligned. We realize she needed to do more to get out the door than he did, but still. They look well-paired.



Kat Graham in The Attico

So very Kat Graham in so many ways. Yes, that was a little shadey, because we think she occasionally has a tendency toward try-hard (and this effort is kind of emblematic of that), but she never fails to put on some sort of fashion show. The dress is pretty great, but the overall styling is not living up to it. The shades, bag and shoes don’t look like the best choices to us.


Nina Dobrev in Ralph Lauren

Very much NOT feeling this Hermione cosplay. Girl, this is not your look.



Victoria Justice

A little glam and glitzy for a fashion event, but we really can’t argue with any of it. We have a tendency to nitpick plunging necklines or basic black pumps, but they both work fine in this case – even if the latter look at least a size too large for her.



[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/ INSTARimages.com]

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