Friday Leftovers for the Week of July 31st, 2017 – Part One

Posted on August 04, 2017

Darlings, we found ourselves with so many notably un-notable red carpet attempts this week that we had to split them up into two posts, lest we overwhelm you with a wave of celebrity style mediocrity.

Shall we begin? We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so get your markup pencils out. Figuratively speaking. Don’t write on whatever screen you’re reading this from. Don’t be one of those people Lorenzo calls the “Please don’t drink the shampoo” folks, in honor of whoever inspired the “Not to be taken internally” warning on our bottle of Pert Plus.

Goodness, we’re rambling.



America Ferrera in Kate Spade New York

Pretty print, dowdy shape.



Andie MacDowell

Love the sandals, but that’s a nightgown, lady.



Anne Heche

Meh. Fancy tracksuit with silly putty pumps.




Ashley Tisdale




Edie Falco

Don’t love the top, but the look overall gets the job done.




A super casual outfit that’s been effectively dressed up with smart styling. Although technically, that’s a lab coat.



Joanne Froggatt (in Johanna Ortiz) and Ioan Gruffudd

Acceptable on both their parts, but her shoes look dangerously painful.



Katheryn Winnick in Marchesa

Pretty and shockingly low-key for Marchesa. Nice choice, girl.



Kelly Ripa in J. Crew

That skirt is a lot of fun and deserves better pieces to be paired with.



Kevin Hart

Kudos for dressing up but the color of that suit’s a little ugly.



Marlon Wayans

Cute and fresh.



Molly Shannon

No, honey. We definitely think the idea is sound and that you should go find a super-cute pair of formal shorts for yourself. Then find a really great top to go with them and a kickass pair of shoes to finish them off. Not these, though. None of these, dear.

More to come!



[Photo Credit:, DDP/, Getty Images]

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