Friday Leftovers for the Week of August 6th, 2017

Posted on August 11, 2017

Let’s wrap this week up by yelling at all the celebs who failed to make the grade! Yes, that’s probably cruel, but we console ourselves with the idea that none of this really matters in the end!

Let’s judge!


Ariel Winter in Meshki

It’s a skin-tight, strapless vinyl dress and it’s probably the classiest thing we’ve seen her in all year.


Ashley Tisdale in Milly

Your face tells the tale, dear. No need for us to come in and remind you that you look like you tied rags around yourself.



Bellamy Young in Temperley London

Pretty. The brassy-toned sandals are an interesting choice.



Brooke Shields

Brooke, maybe no one told you this, but the photogs take your whole picture on the red carpet. Including your feet.

Those are NOT your shoes, lady.



Carrie Preston

Great color, but we’re not loving the satiny ruffles. And we realize everyone who stars on Claws has to sport attention-seeking manis and pedis, we can’t sign off on those toes. We had to blow up the picture just to see what was happening there.


Chloë Moretz in Marchesa

Pretty and chic. Not new or fresh but we’ll take it.



Colton Haynes in Dries Van Noten

Still don’t think the Targaryen hair works for him, but the jacket and kicks are nice.



Erika Christensen

Considering it’s a – and you should say the following words out loud to get the full effect – red lace, puffy-sleeved, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, it’s not really all that bad.


Eva Longoria

This was apparently the week that all of celebrity ladykind should’ve worn pumps, apparently. A whole lotta dicey feet sitches going on.



Jason Ritter

He’s adorable, but he could not possibly be dressed any blander. You need a little more oomph in your style, mister.



Jennifer Morrison in Dorothee Schumacher

Betty Ford, circa 1976.

At least the pedi’s not bad.



Kate Beckinsale

A yawn in human form.



Kristin Chenoweth

That seems about right.



Skai Jackson in Ong Oaj Pairam

It’s a sparkly gown on an adorable gal and it’s got bunnies on it. We are legally prevented from doing anything but loving it.


Victoria Justice

Cute romper, but the shoes are kind of ugly, no?


Viola Davis

Serving us pure Shelley O realness.



[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Sara De Boer/, ROGER WONG/, Getty Images]

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