Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes at the “Will & Grace” Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Posted on August 03, 2017

Everyone looks great! Now watch us ruin it by complaining!


Look, we’re just saying. We have nothing but the fondest memories of Will & Grace. And our love of Karen Walker, who did more to inspire the voice of T Lo than any single figure outside of perhaps Saint Joan Rivers herself, will never diminish. Fun T Lo Fact: “Kittens” grew out of our early use of her “poodles” as a way to address our readers.

But things end, people. And popular sitcoms are a thing that almost always last longer than they should and almost always end because it’s just time for the cast and creators to take their bows and move on. Not that we’re actively railing against this revival. We know people are really excited about it. And we sat through all of the X-Files reboot and are currently waxing rapsodic on the regular about how Twin Peaks: The Return is legitimately the greatest thing to happen to TV in years.  Things do end, but sometimes, there are decent reasons to mount a return or revival.

We think our main reason for being a bit wary about the whole thing is just how much the cultural and political landscape has changed for LGBT people in the time since the show’s heyday, when it was rightly considered a trailblazer. Lacking any massive change of tone and direction (which we would not at all recommend for the show), it’s going to come back with an automatic staleness to it in 2017. We worry the show is tainting its own legacy. What was once a television trailblazer will forever have an asterisk next to its name about the time it came back and no one cared much. We hope we’re wrong about that. We hope people truly enjoy seeing these characters again. We’re not trying to poop all over it, we swear.

But then it came out this week that the revival is going to blithely ignore the show’s finale, which had the main characters married to other people, estranged from each other, with grown children many years in the future. They were given an ending and now that ending is being wiped out, apparently. We’ll watch the first one, but this is less “must see” and more “we’ll see” with us.

In fashion news, Debra’s dress is cute and Megan gets points for staying true to herself instead of coming out in Karen drag. The guys are fine, but dull.

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