Channing Tatum Goes Bold and Pale at the “Logan Lucky” Amsterdam Premiere

Posted on August 21, 2017

And now, a red carpet moment with Channing, in which a curious point about modern menswear is helpfully illustrated.


It would appear that one cannot wear a graphically bold tie with a slim cut suit, lest one walk around with a distracting fabric tongue lolling near one’s crotch. It’s a nice suit and a nice tie, but the twain should never have met. Slim cut suits with the requisite jacket gape pretty much call for the dull, dark, slim ties that most celeb men seem to prefer. We’re happy to see a fun, bold tie, but it needed a more substantial suit to set it off.

And sure, maybe that all sounds really nitpicky to you, but we prefer to proudly point to the fact that we managed nearly 150 words on a necktie. Come on. You gotta give us that.

Also: Channing, you shouldn’t eschew the bronzer so readily, dude. You needed a little color on your face for this sitch.



[Photo Credit: – Video Credit: Bleecker Street via]

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