Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum at Amazon’s “Comrade Detective” Premiere

Posted on August 04, 2017


Date night for the Dewan Tatums!

We probably shouldn’t layer such benign readings on every one of their red carpet appearances, but due partially to their innate charm and partially to her low-key Bitter Kittenhood, we tend to treat all their promotional appearances like sweet family outings instead of PR campaigns.


They’re like the American celebrity version of Bill & Cathy Cambridge to us; that nice, attractive couple who lives down the street. We realize that every celebrity fantasy image is about the person indulging in it rather than the celebs themselves, so for all we know, they could be total horror-shows as human beings, but we doubt it. Something would’ve come out by now.

Anyway, enough of our thoughts on that nice couple. Let’s rag on what they’re wearing, yes? His suit is very nice, but boy, are we ever tired of seeing blue suits with white shirts and neutral ties on the red carpet. You’re a movie star, not a concierge, dammit. But he does look nice.

Her dress is very typical Marchesa, which sounds a little backhanded when we put it that way. It’s not a hundred percent our preference, but it’s definitely residing in her style sweet spot. Pink, a little sexy, a little frivolous and chic overall? That’s Jenna style. She dresses like a dancer.

We’re as tired of black pumps on the RC as we are of blue suits on men, but we admit, we’re not sure what else would’ve worked. It’s too substantial a dress for a sandal, right?





That looks… GOOFY AS SHIT. Said in a good way.

Looks like our weekend just got figured out.


Style Credits:
Marchesa Fuchsia Off-the-Shoulder Dress with Feather Embroidery from the Resort 2018 Collection
Arzano Earrings
Graziela Gems Rings

[Photo Credit: Dave Longendyke/, Getty Images – Video Credit: Amazon Video via]

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