The Cast of “This Is Us” Try Again at the 2017 TCA Awards

Posted on August 07, 2017

Once again, the most questionably stylish cast of a hit television show has hit the red carpet, in the hopes that at least some, if not most of them got it right this time.

Well, we have good news for you guys.


Mandy Moore in Missoni

This is wacky in that Mandy Moore way, but we keep coming back to it and trying to visually correct it, which means there’s a big part of this that appeals to us, problematic though it is. We think if the wavy lines were eliminated, this would be a lot easier on the eyes. The bag’s awful and the shoes aren’t much better.


Sterling K. Brown

Senior partner at happy hour. It’s fine, but disappointing.



Chrissy Metz

Really cute. The more little details her looks have, the better she is. She had a tendency to wear featureless, somewhat bland frocks in ugly patterns, but she’s been slowly trending toward more fitted, structured and stylish looks. The shoes look like an improvement too.



Milo Ventimiglia

Senior partner at happy hour, part 2.

Although to be fair, he rarely looks this polished.



Susan Kelechi Watson

This is pretty nice. We wish we could get a better sense of what the dress looks like and we honestly can’t tell if she’s wearing some man’s jacket because she got cold or because it’s part of her ensemble. We’d rather have seen it with a jacket that fits her.


Justin Hartley

This is pretty much his standard look and it works for him. We’re getting tired of the undone tie/collar sitch -especially since we’ve seen that same shirt and tie a few times now.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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