Annette Bening in Giorgio Armani at the Venice Film Festival: Lady, That’s Not Your Dress

Posted on August 31, 2017

Miss Annette, we love you, which is why we’re trying really hard to love this look. It’s a bit of work for us.

We’re not quite sure what it is that we’re struggling with here. Generally speaking, we admire her low-key, mature style in an industry that doesn’t remotely prize such an approach to self-promotion. And the dress itself isn’t bad, really. But overall, it’s really not coming together for us. First, the heels are all wrong for the dress; second, the head styling feels like it needs an entirely different sort of dress to set it off. We like that she sticks to her preference for simple hair and wearing her glasses on the red carpet. We just don’t think a black silk beaded gown is the right accompaniment. She needs to be working more in the “fabulous professor” mode; all dramatic capes and ponchos and scarves, with boho and multicultural influences. This half-way glam style doesn’t quite work.


Style Credits:
Giorgio Armani Black Silk Dress with Embellished Sleeves from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Camilla Morandi/IPA/, Landmark Media/IPA/, IMAXTree]

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