Anna Kendrick Promotes her Book Scrappy Little Nobody at “Good Morning America”

Posted on August 23, 2017

Anna Kendrick Promotes her book “Scrappy Little Nobody” at “Good Morning America” in NYC.


Once again, we’re not sure we can trust ourselves to be the objective, coldly analytical fashion bitches you expect us to when faced with Miss Anna’s style choices. It’s not the bitch part we have a problem with; it’s the objectively analytical part. She seems very nice and lots of people seem to like her. We honestly can’t name an appearance or project of hers that stirs strong feelings either way. But she just kinda bugs. We have to be honest. And we always seem to react more negatively toward her bland style preferences than they warrant.

Transparency, darlings. It’s the very heart of good fashion blogging. Just one of the many ways we here at T Lo Completely Frivolous Shit, Ltd., try to pass our commitment to quality onto YOU.

Anyway, we hate this:


But we’re not sure if it’s justified.

We realize the late ’90s/early aughts is at the height of its nostalgia swing right now, but everything about this looks too literal; too “Spice Girls concert attendee.” And the weird trailing ribbon effect looks like an attempt to make something basic look more interesting than it is. But then again, that could just be us bringing our prejudices to the table.

We don’t normally subject talk show ensembles to an “IN or OUT?” vote, but we’d be curious to hear from the kittens on this one. Are we being too harsh or not?


Style Credits:
Tanya Taylor Black Lace-Up Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection
Paul Andrew Platform Sandals

[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/, Courtesy of Tanya Taylor]

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