America Ferrera is a Queen at the 2017 Imagen Awards

Posted on August 21, 2017

Not just any queen, mind you.

This is Queen Elizabeth circa 1960 cosplay. ANd to be honest, we’re very not here for it. It just looks dowdy as hell to our eyes. “Mother of the Bride” is such a fashion-snark cliche, but there are times when it’s completely unavoidable. Maybe there’s a way to freshen up a teal lace tea dress, but this was not apparently it. The hoops look silly with it (but great with her hair and face, to be sure), and the shoes are bridal-party matchy and more than a little mumsy (not to mention painful-looking).

The somewhat horrifying lighting isn’t helping.


Style Credits:
Christian Louboutin Booton Stamped-Velvet Mary Jane Pumps

[Photo Credit: Milla Cochran/,]

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