The Guys at the “Detroit” Premiere Turned it OUT

Posted on July 27, 2017

Hey, everyone. Let’s check out some finely dressed men. There are worse ways to spend your time.



Algee Smith in Prada

Mister, we don’t know you, but we love your style. Any celeb guy worth his salt can pick out a basic blue Prada suit. It takes some style to go for that shirt, which absolutely makes the whole look. Nicely done.



Anthony Mackie in Isaia

Also nicely done, although we have to admit, we don’t love that shade of green with that shade of blue. We do love that he chose rich colors and worked to distinguish himself from the average lawyer. Love the tie. We wish the shirt provided some contrast so it could pop more.



John Boyega in Armani

DROP-DEAD gorgeous suit. We’re not at all in favor of the white shirt, though. In fact, this is the time for us to uncharacteristically suggest that this dress shirt should be black. Also: a purple knit tie is a hard thing to make look chic. Best to scrap it and start over.



Will Poulter in Prada

It’s all beautifully tailored and finely chosen. He looks great. We’d have just pushed him toward more adventurous tie and shirt choices, is all.






[Photo Credit: Detroit Movie – Video Credit: Annapurna Channel via]

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