Style File: Heidi Klum Puts The Stiletto to the Pavement in NYC

Posted on July 07, 2017

Miss Heidi’s got a new season of Project Runway to promote (and once again the talking points all revolve around NEVER BEFORE SEEN drama, unfortunately), which means she’s out there doing the one thing she does as good as or better than hosting reality TV competitions and selling underwear: She’s strutting the cement runway.

She’s always good about her street style, but when she’s got something real to promote, she ramps up the drama factor considerably.

Heidi Klum out and about in NYC.

Like so. Sun’s out, bra’s out. Plus a LEATHER, ZIPPERED, MINI TULIP SKIRT, you guys. Any garment that needs that many descriptors is designed to grab some attention. She looks like she can barely walk in that thing. But it’s all pretty well coordinated (the bag’s kind of cute in that “don’t care if it goes” way of most of her bag choices), even if the blouse looks like it’s inside-out and the skirt looks like it’s trying to eat her. Also, her hair looks great. In fact, this is probably the quintessential Heidi look, because it’s really all about the hair and the legs.

But this is merely a prelude to the moment when Heidi launches all her cannons at once. Stand back, because despite what we just said, THIS may be the Heidi-est Heidi you ever saw:


Heidi Klum on “Good Morning America” to promote the new season of “Project Runway” in NYC.

Hahahahaha. That is some tacky-ass work going on right there. Never, EVER change, Miss Thing.

In truth, the shoes are fierce as fuck, but that’s no surprise. It’s the one thing she almost never gets wrong in her style choices.




Style Credits:
Galvan London ‘Isabella‘ Sleeveless Satin V-Neck Dress with Lace-Up Slit

[Photo Credit: Jose Perez/,,]

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