Style File: Famke Janssen Out and About in NYC, Not Caring a Bit

Posted on July 05, 2017

Behold, a lady who’s feeling herself and has no fucks left to give if anyone else has an opinion on it. It’s almost certainly theater of a sort (no way she didn’t know there was a photographer nearby), but there’s something universally appealing about a person who just says to hell with it and lets her freak flag fly. It helps if she’s wearing really adorable outfits to boot.

Let’s face it: this gal knows exactly how the game is played. Play it, lady:




We might have some quibbles about the proportions of the first outfit and whether or not the pairing in the second one even works, but girlfriend is flipping her hair, singing her song, and wearing her flowers. It’s all good, as far as Miss Famke is concerned.




[Photo Credit: Adam Nemser/]

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